Living Service coordinator

The living service coordinator is involved in the daily life and celebration of the house. The coordinator is available daily by phone or app and at the house during announced the service hours .

At Setlementtiasunnot residents are served by a multi-professional mobile team whose tasks include:

  • Strengthening community and security in houses
  • Housing counseling aimed at preventing housing-related problems, eg vandalism, life disrupting other clients: activities aimed at preventing rent arrears and losses, as well as evictions
  • In case of problems, cooperate with the responsible authorities
  • Coordination of experiments and projects in houses

Living service coordinators are available through the Kerro2 -resident app and by phone, in addition they are present at the houses regularly and you can book a personal time if needed.

Ota yhteyttä!

To a new resident

The living service coordinator organizes the presentations of the apartments. The living service coordinator hands over the keys to the apartment and introduces the resident to the house’s facilities (such as the living room, gym, hobby room, saunas, laundry, drying room, outdoor equipment storage, waste management and recycling, yard, parking spaces) and the principles of community activities.

For all residents

One of the main tasks of the living service coordinator is to ensure the conditions for good and communal housing in the houses. A resident can ask them for advice on booking premises using the Kerro2 Resident app. They can be contacted if there is a disturbances in the house. The living service coordinator also monitors possible housing disturbances and addresses them in accordance with the operating model of the Settlementtiasunnot . The living service coordinator also participates in monitoring the payment of rent and, if necessary, contacts residents in case of problems.

On house services

Fault reports for flats and houses are reported directly to the maintenance company. The living service coordinator team contributes to ensuring that the properties remain in good condition. The living service coordinator works in cooperation with the maintenance and property manager.

Tenant democracy

Setlementtiasunnot comply with the inhabitants’ democracy in accordance with the Corporate Governance Act. The living service coordinator supports and assists the new houses community to select and start its own residents’ committee. The Residents’ Committee participates e.g. to the budget for each house and also decides on procurement of tenant activities. Read more about citizen engagement and our Citizen Democracy Guide (link to ARA pages) here.

Club activities, events and house bees

Setlementtiasuntojen toimintaan oleellisena osana kuuluvat asukaslähtöiset tapahtumat, kerhot ja muu toiminta. Asumiskoordinaattori avustaa asukaslähtöisen toiminnan käynnistymistä. Tapahtumat ja kerhot voivat olla joko talokohtaisia, lähialueen tai kaikkia yhtiön taloja koskevia. Asumiskoordinaattori ja asiakaspalvelu voi osallistua tapahtumista ja kerhoista tiedottamiseen. Huom! Setlementtiasuntojen tapahtuma- ja kerhotoiminta on aina asukasvetoista – toiminta perustuu asukkaiden omaehtoisuuteen.

An essential part of the operation of Setlementtiasunnot is resident-based events, clubs and other activities. The living service coordinator assists in starting up resident-oriented activities. Events and Clubs can be either house-specific, local or all of the company’s houses. The living service coordinator and customer service can take part in informing about events and clubs. Note! The events and club activities of the Setlementtiasunnot are always inhabited by residents – the activities are based on the residents’ voluntariness.

“A toddler can safely play in that yard. We have a pergola where there is usually a trash can, we don’t have garbage trucks driving around as we have central pipeline-based waste collection system .”