Residential Right Apartment Exchange

Residential right holders may exchange apartments with each other, meaning you will not need a queue number. Exchange partners must be found on your own. Apartment exchange is possible if both exchanging parties queue numbers were acquired from the same market area. Exchange is also possible between different housing companies. New tenants to Setlementti Apartments must be over older than 55 years old, but there may be younger tenants.


You may leave your own apartment exchange notice here. The notice will be published in a few work days’ time and it is valid for three months. The notice will be removed automatically. If an exchange partner is found earlier, inform customer service, and we will remove the notice to avoid unnecessary contacts.

What do I do when an exchange partner is found?


Both parties signed contracts will be delivered to the relevant company customer service. Preparation for exchange will take approximately two month’s time.

Mutual exchange (pdf)

  • Both apartment holders make a termination notice, which is delivered to the apartment owner.
  • The city confirms the prices of both apartments and approves the new apartments including mutual exchanges.
  • Prior to moving both parties must sign the residential rights agreements.
  • All new residential right agreements require a 2-month security deposit.
  • If the residential right contract is guaranteed by a bank loan, remember to conclude all bank matters before signing the residential right contract.
  • Mutual exchange apartments will be handed over as is.

For more information, tel. 010 837 5300.

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