Community Coordinator

Present daily – get to know the building’s spaces and services


The Community Coordinator’s duty is to develop the community within and around the building – support, assist and advise in different matters related to residing in the building, and to activate and encourage the building’s tenants in the creation and maintenance of its communality. The Community Coordinator is present around the building and available daily in the common room during the announced service hours. The schedule also informs about tenant events and clubs. All Community Coordinators are bound by a confidentiality agreement.

Reliable assistance and advice – proactive care


The Community Coordinator’s action plan is based on social management. The Community Coordinator’s duties include a variety of different support and service based advisory services and communication, and how to access them.

Communality is based on doing things together – community support and encouragement


The Community Coordinator will take care that the conditions for good community living are maintained and cooperates with all the tenants and implements the agreed objectives and rules of the housing company. The tenant commission, the residents and the Community Coordinator will together plan the building’s activities, e.g. clubs, hobby activities and building events, such as volunteer work, excursions, and spring and Christmas parties. Each tenant may reserve at no charge, the building’s common room for their own events via the Community Coordinator.

Services for new and current tenants

Services for new tenants – getting familiar with urban living


The Community Coordinator can arrange apartment showings. The apartment rental contract can be signed at the building with the Community Coordinator or at the Setlementti Apartments’ office. The Community Coordinator will hand over the apartment keys and present the building’s facilities (such as: common room, gymnasium, hobby room, sauna, laundry room, outdoor equipment storage, waste management and recycling, yard, and paring places) and the principles of our community activity.


Services for current residents


The Community Coordinator’s duty is to ensure the building has good and communal living conditions. Via him/her tenants can reserve a parking place, sauna, laundry or the common room. The Community Coordinator can assist, when needed, with repair or damage notifications and deliver them. He/she can be contacted if there should be a disturbance of the peace in the building. The Community Coordinator will also monitor on his/her own any possible disturbances and will deal with them accordingly via Setlementti Apartments action plan. The Community Coordinator will also monitor rent and maintenance fee payment transactions and, if necessary, contact the residents in problem situations.

Property Management and Maintenance

Services in the Property (maintenance, cleaning, waste management) – in support of and for the safety of the tenants


The Community Coordinator is in the building to ensure that the property remains in good condition and that it is maintained and repaired accordingly. Therefore, the Community Coordinator will make weekly tours of the property to ensure the cleanliness and condition of the premises. The Community Coordinator will be in constant communication with the maintenance company and the property manager.

Services managed by Setlementti Apartments / Setlementti Residential Right – good living for the entire building community


The Community Coordinator will perform apartment inspections (entry and exit). He/she will also ensure that any invoices are appropriate. The Community Coordinator will monitor rent and maintenance fee payments to Setlementti Apartments’ rent administrator and make necessary property purchases in conjunction with the tenant committee. The Community Coordinator is the company’s representative for the building’s activities.

Cooperation with the Tenants

Tenant democracy in cooperation with the tenant committee – tenant-oriented communality


Setlementti Apartment abides by tenant democracy via the Joint Administration Act. The Community Coordinator supports and assists the building company to form its own tenant committee. The Community Coordinator also participates in tenant committee meetings, if necessary. The tenant committee will also participate in shaping building related budget matters and help to decide building related acquisitions.


Co-operation with relatives, service providers and neighboring properties – available when needed


The Community Coordinator is an important interface between tenants and their relatives. Especially elderly tenant’s relatives can be in contact with the Community Coordinator regarding resident matters. The Community Coordinator will also be in contact with a variety of different service providers and city authorities as consented to by the tenant.

Clubs, events and work parties

Club activities, events, work parties, and student and support employment guidance


An essential part of Setlementti Apartments activities is the resident-based clubs, events and other such functions. The Community Coordinator assists the starting up of resident-based club activities. Clubs and events may be building-based, local community, or all the buildings of the company. The Community Coordinator assists in arranging tenant events and work parties. Setlementti Apartments office will participate in informing of such events and clubs (e.g. social media). Note! Setlementti Apartment club activities are always resident-driven – activities are based on tenant initiatives.

Setlementti Apartment actively employs students from different fields and is an active employment supporter. Building-based students are directed by the Community Coordinator. Work placement and support work is always organized in such a way that it supports and strengthens the local community.