Resident Instructions

Tenant Activities


In our building, there is an open common room with a kitchen for all tenants. We would like to offer our tenants the possibility to get to know their neighbors and make living together enjoyable and safe. If you are interested in participating in tenant activities, it is worth stopping by the common room and discussing with the Community Coordinator. You can find out more about tenant activities and services from the Community and Services sections.

Apartment and property functionality


Should you discover a repair need in your apartment or the building, kindly inform your building’s maintenance company or the community coordinator as soon as possible.


Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Hyvinkää, Turku ja Tampere
Property maintenance Lassila & Tikanoja, tel. 010 636 5000

Property maintenance Savottamiehet, tel. 040 484 3375

Property maintenance Kuopion talokeskus, tel. 017 288 2500
Evenings and weekends, tel. 044 288 2580


The maintenance company contact details can be found also on the information board near the building entrance.



We would like to promote ecological living in coordination with our tenants. One noteworthy way is to limit water use, which is why we have installed water-saving equipment in each apartment. Please remember to use only the amount of water that you need. Waste is to be sorted in the waste collection room according to instructions.


Solar energy is used in our buildings and tenants have come up with various ecological tenant events, such as, yard sales, and a recycled goods room. If you have ecologically sound ideas get in contact with your building’s community coordinator.


Car sharing is a good alternative to owning your own car. Electric car is an eco-friendly way to travel. The using cost is also inexpensive as the only cost of en electric car is the hourly rate. Nissan Leaf car service is provided by Finnish EkoRent company.

Safety and residential peace


We strive to provide our tenants with a safe residence. It is encouraged to become familiar you’re your building’s evacuation plans, which are on view in the building’s common room. The property owners have purchased an All Risk insurance policy for your building, but you are required to purchase your own home insurance for coverage of your possessions.

Residential Disorders


Should there be residential disorders in your building, contact your community coordinator. Disorder reports can be written using the proper forms (rental / ASO), study the filling in instructions.



Smoking is strictly prohibited in certain parts of our building and property and in some of the rooms. Be respectful of your neighbors, tobacco smoke can spread easily to other apartments via the ventilation ducts for example. If you have not received instructions on the rules related to smoking in and around the building, or you are not certain of where you are able to smoke, please contact the community coordinator, who will assist you on the matter.

Moving In / Moving Out


Apartment tenants must always register with the Community Coordinator or customer service via the Tenant Register Announcement Form (rent / ASO). On the same form, you can also info of any registered people moving out of the apartment. Termination of residence / residential right has its own form, see the Rental apartment termination or Residential Right termination section.

Electricity Contract


Electricity is not included in the rent. You should enter into an electricity contract with the electricity company of your choice, example Helen, Customer Service tel. 09 617 8080.

Rental apartment termination


Rental apartment termination time for the tenant is one (1) month, the end of that calendar month in which the termination is completed. For example, termination informed on 15 June, the rental agreement will end on 31 July. Termination shall be completed in written form via the proper form.


Send your notice of lease/contract termination without delay to your house’s community coordinator or contact our customer service.

Residential Right termination


Residential right termination time is three (3) months from the moment the written termination notice is received and registered. The form and its instructions can be found via this link.


Send your notice of lease/contract termination without delay to your house’s community coordinator or contact our customer service.

Apartment subletting


Subletting means that a part of the apartment is rented out to another person. Subletting is possible, if the apartment has a separable part for the use of the subtenant; studio apartments many not be sublet. A maximum of 50% of the apartment may be sublet. Be advised that the main tenant / residential right holder is always the responsible party for the apartment, including the sublet section. Remember to always inform the property owner of any tenant changes and fill out and return the Tenant register announcement form (rental / ASO).

Apartment temporary surrender


The apartment may fully rent (ASO) / sublet (rental apartment) for a maximum of two (2) years with good cause. Justified reasons are study or work in another city or other pressing cause. Should you wish to surrender your apartment to another temporarily, you must apply for permission from the property owner in writing via this link (rental / ASO). Remember that the main tenant / residential right holder is always the responsible party for the apartment, including the temporary time that the apartment is surrendered.


Commercial accommodation


Use of the apartment for commercial accommodation is not permitted. Airbnb and other platforms for private accommodation are an interesting way to make money on your own home. However, Setlementtiasunnot’s apartments may not be rented through such services.
According to the building permit in addition to Interest Subsidy, Arava limit and Residential Right lawsour apartments are intended for residential use and not for commercial accommodation. For this reason the apartments cannot be used for commercial accommodation services.


Apartment temporary surrender and subletting always require that the lessor is notified and temporary surrender  always requires a prior permission from Setlementtiasunnot.
Advertising and providing accommodation on e.g. on such platforms, may cause grounds for an immediate termination of the tenancy agreement.

Exchanging rental apartment


Should you wish to exchange to another apartment within Setlementtiasunnot’s houses, a change application can be made after the original tenancy agreement  has lasted at least a year. When applying a change, there must be a legit need for a change. Ground can be e.g. change in family size, change of work/study or economic. In change situations the appliers income and assets are being checked. Income limitations apply for Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen and Vantaa.


To apply for exchange, fill asuntohakemus. The application is valid for 4 months and can be extended by contacting our customer service.

Exchanging Residential Right Apartment


Residential right holders may exchange apartments with each other, meaning you will not need a queue number. Exchange partners must be found on your own. Apartment exchange is possible if both exchanging parties queue numbers were acquired from the same market area. Exchange is also possible between different housing companies. New tenants to Setlementti Apartments must be over older than 55 years old, but there may be younger tenants. Read more here.