Common Room


is a shared living room area. A sense of community increases the living comfort. There are comfortable living quarters where tenants can meet each other and arrange clubs and events in all of our buildings. Contact your community coordinator for more information on your own building’s common room use.

Excursions / Resident Activities


Would you like to participate in a fishing club, go on a hunting excursion, listen to a lecture on safety, or arrange a yard sale? Our buildings arrange many trips, lectures, clubs and theme days according to the wishes of our tenants. The community coordinator will come up with ideas together with the tenants and assist in the arrangements.

Internet Connection


All of our buildings’ common rooms are equipped with a 10MB Internet connection, which is included in the rent / dues.

All Risk Insurance


The property owners have taken out a broad All Risk property insurance policy for the protection of the property. You are required take out your own home insurance policy for the protection of your property.



We would like to support our tenants’ exercise possibilities and well-being. Therefore, there is a free gymnasium for our tenants’ use in our buildings. Check your own building’s situation with your community coordinator.

Building Laundry


You may reserve the laundry and drying room for your laundry needs via the reservation book. The use of the laundry is included in the rent.

Building Saunas


Taking a sauna relaxes. Private sauna shifts can be reserved via your building’s community coordinator. There are also open common sauna times for women and men every week, ask your community coordinator for more information.

Community Coordinator’s Presence in the Building


In each of our buildings there is communal professional for the assistance of the residents. Community coordinator services are described in more detail here.