Communal Residency

Feedback from residents:

“Working together brings people out of their homes, allows them to get to know each other and try new things. We even go on joint field trips with residents of other buildings.”

“You get a sense of the enjoyment by the community coordinator in meeting people.”

Helsinki – Ormuslinna residents Heikki Kyllönen, Pirkko Luotamo, Camilla Aarne, Sirkka-Liisa Hämäläinen, Ruth Aaltonen at Setlementti Rock in Alppikylä in 2015.

”You don’t get to know the people in a normal building, here you get to know your neighbors.”

”There we sit in the yard and crochet and weave.”

”and talk.”

”a sense of community is a wonderful thing.”

The entire Haapsaari family, neighborhood residents, enjoying the Alppikylä Setlementti Rock concert

”Settlement Apartments is a rare actor, who does small actions (such as neighborhood concerts) to promote the sense of community and raise the value of the area. Children were thrilled to see Jukkapoika.”

Settlement Apartments are seen by their people instead of the houses.”

Photos of Setlementti Rock

A Community Coordinator tells about his work


Our closer co-operation with the residents began when a resident man passed away. The wife was left practical alone, they had no children and the only relatives lived quite far away. I assisted with the funeral arrangements and other related matters. The real problem was that the wife had never paid the bills herself and she was unfamiliar with other family matters. The husband has handled everything while the wife had focused on taking care of the home during their marriage.


The wife had not held a job during their 45-year marriage. The wife had not participated in the building’s communal events since the husband represented the family on his own. I supported the wife much over that summer, advising on bank and insurance matters not to mention the day-to-day problems. I was able to get her to come down for a cup of coffee, which led to a somewhat funny moment. The other residents thought she was a new tenant, because they had never seen her before. I encouraged her in joining the other residents for coffee to create a new routine; she ended up coming weekly. When I went on vacation she questioned, who do I ask if you are away? I realized that I had become a very important person for her. If she had lived in a regular apartment building, things could have been so much worse for her. In cases like this, our work feels important and this woman’s thanks warmed my heart. She trully means it every time.