Our services

To communal living space for coffee or a gym? In the house sauna, you get to know your neighbor, you get your salads from your own cultivation box and the Kerro resident application straightens everyday bends.

Communal living space

The communal living spave is lika a shared living room. All our houses have comfortable living spaces where residents can meet each other and organize clubs, events and occasions. The room can also be booked for tenant’s own parties. For more information on using the living space in your own house, contact your living service coordinator.

Tenant activities

Would you like to attend a fishing club or arrange a courtyard flea? Residents of our houses organize excursions, clubs and events. Get involved! For us, all people are equal. We all have equal opportunities to act, influence and realize ourselves, regardless of our starting point and life situation. The living service coordinator supports planning happenings together with the residents and supports in the arrangements.


All our residents have 10 Megan internet access, which is included in the rent.


We want to support the sports opportunities and endurance of our residents. Some of our houses have gyms for residents.


You can book the laundry and drying room from the booking book attached to the laundry or from the Kerro-in-Resident app. Use of the laundry is included in the rent.


Bathing in sauna is relaxing. You can book a sauna shift through the living service coordinator of your house or from the Kerro resident application. Weekly clubsaunas are free of charge.

Tenant application and info tv

The Kerro2 app contains instructions, bulletins and news about current issues of the house.
You can get a username and password for each apartment from the living service coordinator.

Communication is handled with the Kerro resident application. For example, you can book a sauna and laundry room shift by phone, computer or via the resident / stairwell information display. The Kerro app has instructions, bulletins and news of house.

Download Kerro2 in Play Store or App Store

City farming

We want to support people’s togetherness around healthy food while taking the environment into account. Our houses have cultivation boxes where residents can grow / plant useful crops themselves.

Living service coordinator

Our residents are assisted by a professional in community work and housing counseling. You can contact the living service coordinator using the Kerro2 application or by phone. See contact information here.