Tradeka and Setlementtiasunnot Oy provide village-like housing in city centers

Tradeka and Setlementtiasunnot Oy provide village-like housing in city centers

Generations Block, developed by Setlementtiasunnot, is an award-winning housing concept that brings together residents of all ages and communal living. Tradeka’s new “Malta ja toteuta” investments enable the extension of this form of living to Turku, Tampere and Joensuu.

Generations Block, developed by Setlementtiasunnot, is a globally unique form of living that is extending from Helsinki to other parts of Finland in 2017–2018. Presently Setlementtiasunnot is building new communal houses and blocks at Borgströminmäki in Helsinki, Samppalinna in Turku, Penttilänranta in Joensuu and Härmälänranta in Tampere.

Co-operative Tradeka will take part by investing funds in the Turku, Tampere and Joensuu construction projects of Setlementtiasunnot as a part of Tradeka’s new ownership category “Malta ja toteuta”. This is Tradeka’s so called patient funds investment category which aims to achieve a moderate 2–4 percent profit, mainly to hedge inflation.

  • These investments are not meant to achieve maximum profit. Instead, they aim to promote socially important issues. In our opinion, the Generations Block is an excellent example of a project which is not only socially significant but also a sensible long-term investment, says Tradeka’s CEO Perttu Puro.


A block connecting families and neighbors

Finland’s first Generations Block was completed in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki in spring 2017.

It offers communal urban housing to people of all ages from students to the elderly. The block consists of 262 apartments of which Setlementtiasunnot owns 113. In addition to their apartments the residents have plenty of communal facilities at their disposal.

  • The Jätkäsaari Generations Block has, for example, a gym, a workshop, a music room and a casual common room where one can have a cup of coffee. Considering the location, rents are quite reasonable, tells Kimmo Rönkä, CEO of Setlementtiasunnot.


The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA) gave the “Best ARA square meters of the year” reward this year to the Generations Block. Setlementtiasunnot pays special attention to the fact that, as per the term they use, housing in the Generations Block is multigenerational. This means communal, village-like housing, where families can help each other with daily chores. The Block’s resident Lauri Harvilahti and his family is a good example of multigenerational housing.

  • In addition to my wife and I, also my adult daughter and her daughter as well as my wife’s sister moved into the same house. Now, for example, it is easy to make childcare arrangements for my granddaughter, praises Harvilahti.



Tradeka’s ”Malta ja toteuta” ownership category

Tradeka is a consumer co-operative with approximately 230 000 members. Its leading principle is meaningful ownership and carrying out a more humane market economy in practice. Tradeka acts as an anchor owner in the Finnish economy. It invests approximately 2–4 million euros in the “Malta ja toteuta” category annually.



Contact information

Co-operative Tradeka
Perttu Puro, CEO, tel. 040 779 3436

Satu Niemelä, Corporate Responsibility, tel. 040 561 6802


Setlementtiasunnot Oy,

Kimmo Rönkä, CEO, tel. 050 339 7550

Janne Haverinen, Manager, Life Cycle Team, tel. 040 537 2459



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