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Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Hyvinkää, tel. 010 837 5300

Tampere, tel. 050 575 9979

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We have 13 rental buildings in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Hyvinkää and Tampere. You can find more information on each building below, including floor plans of the apartments and the construction details.


The selection of tenants follows the terms set by ARA (The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland) regarding: urgency of need, asset limits and income limits. Income limits are applicable in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The city of Helsinki selects the tenants for Kipparintalo.


The security deposit is equal to (1) one-month’s rent.
If the security deposit is made via Kela’s rental security deposit, the deposit is equivalent to (2) two-month’s rent.


All the buildings are accessible apartment buildings with elevators. All have free-of-charge laundry rooms and tenant common rooms, where residents may read the newspaper, and meet neighbors and friends. Pets are allowed and welcome in our buildings.


Our buildings are managed during the week by on-call community coordinators, who are involved in the day-to-day life of the building and can be reached in the tenant common room.

Average square meter rent from 1 March 2017
HelsinkiAlppikylän Setlementtiasunnot, Hevosmies
Hevosmiehenkatu 1, 0077013,59
Alppikylän Setlementtiasunnot, NyyttipuistoAlppikylänkatu 22-24, 0077013,59
Kalasataman SetlementtiasunnotCapellan puistotie 7, 0054017,23
Malmin Setlementtiasunnot
Piilikuja 1-3, 0070014,02
Pohjois-Haagan SetlementtiasunnotEliel Saarisen tie 15, 0040014,39
Viikin SetlementtiasunnotApteekkarinkatu 10, 0079014,49
Jätkäsaaren SetlementtiasunnotLänsisatamankatu 34, 0022017,86
Borgströminmäen SetlementtiasunnotKoirasaarentie 10, 0059016,06
EspooMuuralan SetlementtiasunnotMuuralanportti 3, 0277014,82
Saunalahden SetlementtiasunnotItäviitta 5-7, 0233014,83
VantaaHavukosken SetlementtiasunnotKytötie 18, 0136014,50
HyvinkääHyvinkään SetlementtiasunnotKuusikontie 4, 0581014,51
TampereHervannan SetlementtiasunnotLindforsinkatu 9-15, 33720 12,79
Härmälänrannan SetlementtiasunnotNiilo Härmälänkatu 3, 3390015,04
TurkuSamppalinnan SetlementtiasunnotKupittaankatu 63, 2070013,56
JoensuuPenttilänrannan SetlementtiasunnotKutterikuja 2-4, 8022014,05
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