Setlementtiasunnot in a nutshell

Our Vision 2025

  • Our values are communality, ecology and affordability, which we are known for and which guide our operations
  • Together with our partner network, we respond flexibly and boldly to societal challenges
  • We are the best and well-known block concept expert in Finland
  • We build new houses in the metropolitan area and growth centers

Our Mission

We provide communal, ecological and affordable homes and neighborhoods and supporting services together with our partners.

Our Concept

  • All our activities are based on communality, ecology and affordability, as well as the needs of residents and society.
  • Our projects are planned in a multidisciplinary collaboration, taking into account the ecology and use of the entire life cycle of the house. We also involve our residents in the planning.
  • All our houses have various common areas, e.g. residential living rooms with shared kitchens, saunas, gyms that are freely available to residents and bringing additional living space to our residents.
  • In addition to individual houses, we work with our partners to build entire blocks, where functions and structures are designed and implemented with the entire block and neighborhoods in mind, and with support to communality, ecology and economy.
  • Our Living Service coordinators support residents in matters related to housing and create space for communality.  They can be reached every workday, either at the house or by phone or app.
  • We have a responsible partner network in both construction, maintenance and our resident operations. Our partners provide a wide range of services in our houses: our key partners are the Settlements.
  • We make effective use of digitalization both in our own operations and with our residents. The Kerro- application is a powerful communication and resource booking tool.
  • We are an ARA-approved non-profit organization and we offer rental homes in accordance with the ARA Resident Selection Guidelines. Our houses also have special groups such as the functionally disabled, handicapped or mental health rehabilitators, supported by external service providers.
  • We are constantly and boldly developing our operations together with our residents and partners.

Our Board

  • Pentti Lemmetyinen
    Chairman, interim CEO
    CEO of
    Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses
  • Mikko Santavuori
    Vice chairman
    Kalliolan Setlementti
  • Satu Mehtälä
  • Jussi Kemppainen
  • Pekka Averio
  • Marjo Lassila
    tenant’s representative
  • Juho Kaivosoja
    tenant’s representative
  • Jukka-Matias Keto-Tokoi
    alternate member
    tenant’s representative

Finance Commitee

  • Satu Mehtälä
  • Pekka Averio
  • Tuija Kemppainen
  • Interim CEO Pentti Lemmetyinen

Numbers 2020

A look into year 2021

The year was a little different when we imagined. Indeed, Korona continued to rage and made a big impact on our daily lives, both at work and at home. Unfortunately, this has been reflected in our residents, for example, in the restrictions on the use of common areas and the reduction of our presence in the houses, as well as the limited service and teleworking of our office.

In 2021, we achieved a lot of good things. Here are some selected examples of how we work:

  • The Jousenpuiston Setlementtiasunnot was completed in Espoo at the end of the year, and the residents got a new home for Christmas. The project was considered worthy of Municipal Finance’s Social Funding and the RTS environmental classification was also introduced.
  • Helsinki Postipuisto construction work has been well underway and the house will be completed in the spring of 2022. The house has been designed with the needs of the elderly in mind.
  • Helsinki Kontulan student house was designed in conjunction with the students and was also considered worthy of Social Funding.  
  • We started planning the Stansvikinkallio site in Helsinki, the target schedule for completion is 2023.
  • We wanted to develop our maintenance and created a new operating model for it. We tendered with our subcontractors and hired our own janitors for Setlementtiasunnot from the beginning of May. Our own janitors have been assisted by trainees from Live Vocational College. Cleaner students have also been training at our sites. According to the feedback we received from the residents, the maintenance is now working better than before.
  • Ecology is our value, and we have had the Ekokompassi environmental system in place for the fourth year now. The system guides us to monitor and reduce the adverse environmental impact of our operations together with our residents.
  • We developed our own internal operations in various ways: we completed the main parts of the quality system, introduced digital tools in our customer service, clarified the processes with resident democracy, developed financial processes and IT, and participated in the ARA Neighborhood Mediation Project. These are not directly visible to our residents, but hopefully they will still show up as an ever better and smoother service.
  • We had a fruitful and varied collaboration with students at Diakonia-ammattikorkeakoulu and our new partner Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulu
  • One of the achievements, but not the least, is the challenging year for our staff’s resilience, tournament resilience, commitment and expertise.

Like last year, we hope to be able to turn our eyes to a new and freer everyday life as soon as possible. We would like residents to be able to take advantage of our diverse common areas more and more, strengthening community and creating small encounters in everyday life. Trying to stay healthy and be able to believe in better!

Heli Kotilainen