Apply for an apartment

If you need an apartment, send us an application. In your application, select all of the apartment blocks that have an apartment you are interested in. Your application can include apartment blocks that do not currently have vacant or upcoming vacant apartments. We offer vacant apartments primarily to people who have already submitted a housing application. Remember that the situation as regards vacant housing can change rapidly.

We check your credit status before offering you housing. Payment defaults in credit records are not an automatic barrier to being offered a home. Unpaid rent, repeated failures to make payments and/or large debts can negatively affect your access to housing.

Are you aware that you can notify Asiakastieto if the debt that adversely affected your credit rating has been settled. You can improve your credit rating status by sending Asiakastieto a document stating that you have paid the debt. Report any such payment to Asiakastieto so that credit rating reviewer will see that the problem has been resolved.

Settlement Apartments Ltd undertakes to process personal and credit information provided on application forms or at a subsequent date in the manner required by the Data Protection Act (Act 1050/2018).

Applying for a rental apartment

Applications remain valid for 4 months, you will not be notified of the expiration date. Your application can be renewed by submitting a new application to replace the one previously submitted. If you are applying for housing in different locations, select all the places you are applying for in your application.

We will call you if we can offer you an apartment. When you receive an offer of housing, we will request the additional documentation required for your application.

Who can submit an application

Applications for rental apartments in Settlement Apartment Ltd can be made by individuals, families or households and you can apply at anytime. The initial application period for new apartment buildings will be announced. When selecting residents, we follow the ARA requirements regarding urgency of asset limits and the need for housing. Applications can be made electronically using the online form, by completing a PDF form that you download and print yourself, or by ordering a paper form from our Customer Service.

Send completed paper forms to this address:
Setlementtiasunnot Oy
Sturenkatu 11 B
00510 Helsinki

Fill in all of the required fields in the electronic application and click “Send”. Your application will be processed automatically. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory, but it is a good idea to complete all fields in as much detail as you can. Applications that are incomplete will not be processed. If you provide incomplete or incorrect information during the application process your application will be rejected.

If the information you have provided in your application changes, complete and submit a new application, for example:

  • if the number of people in the household making the application increases or decreases
  • if your wishes regarding location and/or apartment type change
  • if you start a new job
  • if your income changes
  • if you are being threatened with eviction
  • if you have become homeless

If you want to delete your application before it expires or your contact information changes, please notify us either by e-mail: info (at) or by calling our Customer Service on +358 10 837 5300.

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