Jätkäsaaren Setlementtiasunnot

Sukupolvienkortteli, yhteiskunnallinen kaupunki-innovaatio
Sukupolvienkortteli, yhteiskunnallinen kaupunki-innovaatio Katso video YouTubessa kuvaa klikkaamalla.
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Millaista on asua Setlementtiasunnoilla, osa 2
Millaista on asua Setlementtiasunnoilla, osa 2 Katso video YouTubessa kuvaa klikkaamalla.
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Länsisatamankatu 34,
00220 Helsinki

House information

Built: 2017
Apartments: 113
Studios (32–40 m2): 47
1-bedroom (40,5–60 m2): 51
2-berdooms (52,5–77 m2): 15
Average rent: 17,86


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Communal living room
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Living Service Coordinator
City gardening
Roof-top Sauna

Jätkäsaaren Setlementtiasunnot was finnished in March 2017. The house is an essential part of Generations Block, which promotes communal city living for people of all generations. 


The Jätkäsaari area will have 16,000 inhabitants. It is a lively downtown area with a wide variety of services, cafes and shops along the streets. 

Transport connections in Jätkäsaari are good. Special attention has also been paid to the creation of a comprehensive and safe cycling and walking network in the planning of the area. More detailed route information can be found at Jätkäsaari has a passenger port with good ferry connections to Tallinn.

In the future, outdoor sports enthusiasts and the versatile sports and leisure center Bunkkeri will attract outdoor enthusiasts and movers. The area is divided by the Park of Good Hope. The outdoor trails around the beaches are suitable for outdoor activities and exercise for all ages. Various living and play facilities will be built in the park. Read more about the Jätkäsaari construction area here

Construction of the area is still in progress and construction work may cause disruption to residents.


The apartments are studios without saunas, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom flats, sizes between 32–77 m2. The house has 8 floors and a lift. 

The flooring of the living rooms, hallways and kitchens is laminate, the floors of the washrooms are tiled with ceramic tiles. The doors of the kitchen furniture are made of mdf board and the worktop is laminate. The kitchen has an ice-freezer, a 4-burner hob, a dishwasher and a microwave. A more detailed description of the material can be found in the construction description. 

All apartments are designed to be wheelchair accessible and all have a balcony or French balcony, some with their own residential courtyard. To ensure fire safety, all apartments and balconies have sprinklers.

29 parking spaces are located under the Hyväntoivonpuisto next to the house, in the parking cave of Rokkiparkki. The house is non-smoking, ie smoking is not allowed in the property, common areas, apartments or balconies. 

The rent includes Elisa’s 10 M housing company broadband. The house has an apartment-specific mechanical ventilation system (entry-exit machine). The house is connected to the district heating.

Validia Housing provides 24-hour service housing for apartments tailored to the needs of 20 people with disabilities (LE-housing is marked on the floor plans of the apartments). Apartments tailored to the needs of people with disabilities are rented by Validia Housing, tel. +358 20 331 200.

Common areas 

The Jätkäsaari Generations Block has facilities for a wide range of leisure and activities. An unobstructed route runs through the three buildings, along which you can get around the entire block for mostly indoors. The common areas are at the ground floor of Setlementtiasunnot -house, the block yard is also common.

In the residential living room ,called Seurahuone, you can read a magazine or have a cup of coffee, meet and chat with neighbors, spend own leisure time, watch TV or take part in other activities. Common tasty meals are prepared in the kitchen of the living space. In the laundry area, while the washing and drying machine is running, you can sit down to read or even repair clothes in the sewing area.

The house also has a gym, theatre-like Stage, a woodworking diy workshop and a soundproofed band room. There are cultivation boxes and seating areas in the common yard. In addition, the house has outdoor equipment storage, a rooftop house sauna department and apartment-specific storage closets.

All Setlementtiasunnot residents van use the living service coordinators’ services.

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